Author Guidelines

  1. The length of article is 2500-5000 words (not including abstract, title, and bibliography) in Bahasa Indonesia or English with Times New Romn, font size 12, and single space.
  2. Abstract must be written in Indonesian and English with a writing length of 150-250 words, as well as writing keywords.
  3. Writing structure consists of Title, Author's Name (without title) and e-mail, Affiliation, Abstract, Introduction, Research Methods, Discussion (adjusted amount), Closing (Conclusion and Suggestion), and Bibliography.
  4. Source of reference is suggested to the books published last 10 years or to the journals published last 5 years.
  5. Citation in text is written in APA 7th Edition style (the last name of author, year). For example (Khazin, 2012). Footnote format for citation is not allowed. Footnotes just can be written to explain specific terms.
  6. List of References (bibliography) is written in APA 7th Edition style (author’s last name, author’s initial name. (Year). Title of book. Publisher). For example:

Mas'ud, A. (2019). Claiming Islamic Smiling: Islamic and Western Humanitarian Dialogue (1st ed.). Compass Library.

  1. For journal reference, is also written in APA 7th Edition style (author’s last name, author’s initial name. (Year). Title of Article. Publisher, Vol (No). doi. For example:

Fauziah, F. (2017). Pesantren as an effective educational institution. DINAMIKA : Journal of Education and Islamic Studies, 2(1), Article 1.

  1. Authors are suggested to fit the style of writing with template of this journal and use reference manager (Mendeley/Zotero)
  2. Manuscript must be original that the limit of similarity is under 25%