All new submissions to Indonesia Journal Of Engineering And Edication Technology (IJEET) are automatically screened using CrossCheck (powered by Ithenticate) within the editorial system. Editors may also choose to run a similarity report at any other point during the review process or post-publication.

The default similarity report view gives the percentage of the text of the manuscript which has overlap with one or more published articles. Figures and equations cannot be checked at present. Note that a high similarity score does not necessarily indicate plagiarized text. A similarity score of 20% could mean 20% text in common with one source but could equally mean 1% text in common with 25 different sources. Re-used text that has been legitimately cited, the Bibliography and Methods texts may all contribute to the similarity score. The subject knowledge of an editorial expert is vital in order to interpret the CrossCheck report and determine whether there is any grounds for concern. Jurnal Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan Editorial Board will ensure that every published article will not exceed 20% similarity Score, exclude bibliography, abstract, methods, and materials.